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Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition Year is a one year programme between Junior and Senior Cycle. It facilitates the smooth transition to a more independent and self-directed learning style, required for Senior Cycle. Transition Year provides the opportunity to forget about “learning for the test” and concentrate on learning for life.

Transition Year aims ‘To promote the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous and participative members of society' DES Transition Year Guidelines.

In Transition Year, students have an opportunity to:

  • Experience activity-based learning
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop self-directed learning skills
  • Reflect on own learning outcomes
  • Develop initiative and creativity
  • Develop new friendships and teamworking skills
  • Discover personal strengths
  • Discover likes and dislikes
  • Connect with adult working life

The programme is built on the following four tiers, each of which offers students a variety of learning experiences:


Students are regularly monitored on:

  • Attendance
  • Engagement
  • Quality of work
  • Personal Development

Continuous assessment is conducted throughout the academic year. This is based on assignments, project work, classroom tests, student engagement and application. Students will receive one of the following grades: Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail. Reports are sent home in November, February and May. Students' results are reviewed, and any concerns are addressed. Students’ feedback is imperative for the success of our programme, it is regularly requested and acted upon. Students provide feedback at the end of all workshops and trips - this is instrumental in designing the programme for the following year. Parent feedback is also welcomed, and an online parental survey is completed at the end of the school year.

Budget and Costs

Transition Year is funded through DES grants, parents’ contributions, and school fundraisers. Workshops, activities and buses are expensive and all funds are managed tightly. Where a student is absent the costs have still to be covered for the booking and the bus. It is important to embrace the year, as students get out of Transition Year what they put in. Absenteeism should be kept to a minimum and students should ensure they are fully engaged and involved to benefit from the many new experiences that make up Transition Year.

Desired Outcomes

From engagement with Transition Year, students become:

  • More mature
  • More motivated
  • More organised
  • More self-confident
  • Have improved awareness
  • Independent learners
  • Enthusiastic


Student Feedback

  • It’s a great year to try out new things and build relationships with your classmates and teachers.
  • My friends in TY are very important to me, I have made friends with new people that I had never known before.
  • I have been encouraged to do things that I never thought I would have the confidence to do, and my class have been very supportive.
  • The trips out have been great fun.
  • I feel happier about school after being in TY.

Places in Transition Year

Places in Transition Year are limited and expressions of interest are sought from students near the end of their third year in Junior Cycle.

TY first term Newsletter 2021/2022

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