Coláiste Éinde
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The School Day

The School Day

The school day at Coláiste Éinde is made up of 40-minute lessons across a variety of subjects. In some cases, students will have double classes in particular subjects. This is to facilitate practical work in subjects such as Science, Home Economics and Woodwork. Students attend lessons together with their base class or students who choose the same optional subjects as them.

School starts at 8:50 each day. During the day, students have a 15-minute break and 45-minute lunch. The school day ends at 3:50 Monday - Thursday, and at 1:05 on Fridays.

After arriving in the morning, students can:

  • Avail of breakfast in the canteen
  • Go to their lockers to get books, copies and equipment for their morning lessons
  • Meet and chat with their friends before class
  • Begin moving to their first room 5 minutes before the start of the first lesson
  • All students are expected to be on-time for their first lesson. Any student who arrives to school late must sign-in at reception and have their school diary stamped. They should then present to class and show this to their teacher before entering

During a lesson, students:

  • Have attendance recorded by their teacher
  • Explore new material under the guidance of their teacher
  • Engage in tasks, project work and assignments to help deepen their learning
  • Develop new skills as required
  • Present their completed homework
  • Undergo formal and informal assessments to gauge their progress in each subject
  • Write down their homework for the next lesson in their diary

At break and lunchtimes, students:

  • Use the canteen facilities to have a snack or eat lunch
  • Go to their locker to return materials from the morning lessons
  • Collect materials for the next set of lessons
  • May attend scheduled training for school clubs or societies

Students from 3rd year upwards are permitted to leave the school grounds to purchase lunch. Students in 1st and 2nd years are not permitted to leave the school grounds

At the end of the day, students:

  • Bring home required books and copies to complete their homework
    • We encourage students to use ebooks at home where possible to avoid carrying books to and from school
  • Leave the school grounds on-foot to ensure the safety of themselves and others
    • The use of bicycles, scooters, e-scooters or other means of transport is not permitted on the school grounds. Students must dismount from their bike or scooter before entering the premises.
    • Parents are not permitted to drive into the school grounds, except in exceptional circumstances following approval from the school principal / Board of Management.
  • May attend scheduled training for school clubs or societies

If at any point during the day a student feels unwell they must report to the school office. Their attendance will be recorded in the sickbay and a parent will be contacted if required.

The use of lockers is not permitted between lessons, other than at break and lunchtime.

If a student needs to leave school early, a parent must first enter an attendance note on our school management system, Compass. The student should then present to the office and sign out, where their attendance note will be checked on Compass and their departure will be recorded.

For health and safety reasons, it is essential that all students sign in and out at the office.

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